The bar or ‘doughnut’ icon lets you choose what to do. (The last option is incomplete). They are listed below:


This is where you create and manage games or ‘simulations’. It displays any games you created so far, and a list of games you can play.
The plan is that you will be able to create games and share them with other users. At present, there’s just a fixed list.
The plan is also that they will all work. At present, we’ve only fully tested the first one in this version of the project.


This is where you can watch your games as they proceed. It displays the seven main tables describing a capitalist economy, in three groups. The groups are:



Social Classes





This is a diagnostic tool for me, if something goes wrong. Don’t worry about it now unless you are a geek (or want to become one).


Right now this looks awful. It does technically work, but it’s not essential and I’ll describe it later. By the way, it destroys everyone else’s game, so don’t do it….

… which ensures that you’re gonna try, and that’s very useful for me, because when somebody else’s game goes wrong, I can blame you.